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One of the most common request we get from homeowners is “what can we do with this bathroom?” Whether they are looking to age in place or simply update an existing bath….This is always a hot topic!

Recently we have been able to incorporate secondary master suites on the main living level. This is hugely popular as it creates easy living for the client now and in the future.

See attached pictures below where we have converted a half bath into a full bath with a walk-in shower.

We are always thrilled to see the client’s dreams come true and rehab an existing space into what it always wanted to be …. this makes our heart sing!


Who doesn’t love a great remodel?  

Recently, we had a client that had inherited the family home.  While it was not exactly what fit their taste, we all could see tremendous potential in the property.

Along with the kitchen remodel, we included updates to all of the baths, finishing out an old carport, and removing many interior walls to open up the space. We have to say the completed project is amazing! We wish our clients many years of enjoyment and entertaining in their new space.

Here are just a few pictures as a sneak peek . . .


Let’s talk about this commonly overlooked space: Your Garage. We spend very little time there. There’s no entertaining, quality time with family, or daily routine that takes place here aside from coming and going . . . so why would we take the time and effort to put any thought or money into this area?
Answer: Because it is your most important support space.  As a space planner, I commonly have clients that overlook the importance of support spaces but they truly are just as important as your family room.
When we have a budget crunch the garage takes the hit. It is either shrunken down to the point where a car could not comfortably occupy the space, or eliminated all together (to be built later as a detached unit, really?). Even though this is an age of the Smart car which comes in a compact package, we still have to take into consideration the family of five that has a large SUV. And let’s not forget the trinkets, valuables, memorabilia, tools and soon-to-be yard sale items, a.k.a. “STUFF”. Yes, this stuff has a home in your garage, and in time will cycle through. These are the things that you cannot do with out yet don’t use frequently, but need to have them handy.
Staying organized and being able to find and utilize these things make your day easier, which in turn makes your life better, lastly making you happier:) Pulling your car into a nice warm garage in the those cold winter months and actually being able to fully open your car door to exit, priceless! So don’t underestimate your garage, give it a little extra square footage and give yourself a little more space to breathe.

Space planning

It’s that time of year when family and friends are all around and entertaining is a must. You gather all of your pieces you use every year and retrace all the memories they include. The best advice for interior decor is really just one thing . . . to keep it simple. You don’t have to scour the store shelves buying new items every year. Use the ones that have been passed down for generations. Add some fresh greenery or a few new candles each year to bring life to your table. Friends and family will come to appreciate these items and you for always bringing the tradition back.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Ask the professional

You’ve been in your current home for sometime now, and are feeling the itch for a more open plan.  You think to yourself “the wall between this eat-in kitchen and family room really is in the way, and would be so much better if it was partially opened”. With that long weekend approaching, the demolition begins just as you realize there’s a problem.

If this wall could’ve spoken to you, it would’ve explained that it’s load bearing, or perhaps has been filled with all of the drains and vent pipes from another floor, maybe it’s being used as a main wire chase for much of the electrical running floor to floor. Don’t panic . . . you’re not alone. Until these walls do take on a voice of their own, what is inside can be a mystery.

Much of that mystery can be removed by hiring a professional to examine the basement/crawlspace and attic above to explore options of load bearing and/or plumbing and electrical pathways.  With a professional designer (or contractor) on your side,  you can take comfort knowing that you were going into a renovation with a good plan of action, which minimizes those little surprises.

Ask the professional