“Don’t forget about me!” -Sincerely, Your Garage . . .

Let’s talk about this commonly overlooked space: Your Garage. We spend very little time there. There’s no entertaining, quality time with family, or daily routine that takes place here aside from coming and going . . . so why would we take the time and effort to put any thought or money into this area?
Answer: Because it is your most important support space.  As a space planner, I commonly have clients that overlook the importance of support spaces but they truly are just as important as your family room.
When we have a budget crunch the garage takes the hit. It is either shrunken down to the point where a car could not comfortably occupy the space, or eliminated all together (to be built later as a detached unit, really?). Even though this is an age of the Smart car which comes in a compact package, we still have to take into consideration the family of five that has a large SUV. And let’s not forget the trinkets, valuables, memorabilia, tools and soon-to-be yard sale items, a.k.a. “STUFF”. Yes, this stuff has a home in your garage, and in time will cycle through. These are the things that you cannot do with out yet don’t use frequently, but need to have them handy.
Staying organized and being able to find and utilize these things make your day easier, which in turn makes your life better, lastly making you happier:) Pulling your car into a nice warm garage in the those cold winter months and actually being able to fully open your car door to exit, priceless! So don’t underestimate your garage, give it a little extra square footage and give yourself a little more space to breathe.